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Arnhem, The Netherlands, May 27 2014.


Xeentec is delighted to announce the appointment of Cees Groot and Peter Brown to its senior management team.


Cees Groot is joining Xeentec as the Sales & Marketing Director and will be key in driving the company’s sales and rapid market-share expansion. Cees has worked in similar positions in North America & Europe for start-up and established multi national companies alike.


Peter Brown will have two separate functions: as Benelux Director and as Director of Business Development Xeentec Holding.


Peter’s near term responsibilities will be to set financial and operating procedures to govern the relationships with Xeentec’s partners world-wide. Peter has worked in the USA, Asia and Europe for leading-edge technology companies.


Xeentec has aggressive expansion goals and the products to achieve those with. Cees and Peter are joining CEO Lars Parelius and CTO Dietmar Nehring to complete a multi-national management team in charge of Xeentec’s mission.


About Xeentec


Xeentec is a company incorporated in the Netherlands and was founded by a German Engineer and a Danish innovator. After years of development and testing Xeentec is now running trials on trucks from Middelkoop in The Netherlands and are planning more trials in June on trucks in Europe and diesel-generators in Indonesia.


About Xeentec products


Xeentec products are based on incremental nanotechnology. Xeentec’s anti-friction Oil-Optimizer, Gear-Optimizer & Fuel-Conditioner helps companies to make substantial reductions in CO2 & NOx emissions and fuel consumption, while extending the engine’s lifecycle at the same time. University test has also proven that engines can gain up to 22% more power.


This all adds up to Xeentec helping customers reduce operational cost while supporting Sustainability at the same time


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